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HIKE2 Welcomes Tom Lovell as Market Industry Leader, Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing Thought Leader joins HIKE2, developing go-to-market strategy with over 18 years of experience in Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Automotive OEMs, Energy, Medical Device, Payer, Digital Transformation, Data Governance, Master Data Management, Business Intelligence, Servitization, Machine Learning, and Salesforce. Tom LovellManufacturing Industry Leader PITTSBURGH, July 7, 2021 – ...
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HIKE2 Welcomes John Huckle as Principal, Advisory and Change Leadership

Advisory and Change Leadership business leader brings more than 20 years of industry knowledge and expertise to HIKE2. John HucklePrincipal, Advisory and Change Leadership PITTSBURGH, February 1, 2021 – HIKE2 continues to strengthen its executive team by appointing John Huckle as Principal, Advisory and Change Leadership. An accomplished business leader, ...
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Stephanie White Joins the Executive Team at HIKE2 as Director of Program Management

Business and technology consulting leader brings more than 30 years of industry knowledge and expertise to HIKE2. PITTSBURGH, January 14, 2021 – HIKE2 continues to invigorate its executive team by appointing Stephanie White as Director of Program Management. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Stephanie brings an ...
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HIKE2 Welcomes Mike Lockert as Principal/Chief Revenue Officer

Sales executive veteran brings more than 30 years of experience to the most innovative and collaborative digital consultancy in the Salesforce ecosystem. Mike Lockert, Principal/Chief Revenue Officer PITTSBURGH, January 6, 2021 – HIKE2 is strengthening its executive team and reinforcing its focus on business development initiatives by appointing Mike Lockert ...
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HIKE2 Celebrates Growth, Announces Four New Hires

Consultants are choosing smaller firms over larger ones for better culture, flexibility and growth opportunities  PITTSBURGH, PA (August 26, 2020) - HIKE2, a Pittsburgh-based Innovation studio focused on driving digital transformation by leveraging emerging technologies and service design, is celebrating growth at a time when many are facing tough business ...
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How to Drive Sales Pipeline in These Interesting Times

Written by Shannon J. Gregg, Change Management Guide, HIKE2 Sales managers thrive on predictability: CRM entries let us understand our metrics and KPIs from lead to opportunity to renewal, and the best leaders in sales are the ones who know how to use their data to manage their business.  As ...
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Adopting a Remote Service Model: 4 Ways To Successfully Take Employees ‘To the Cloud’

Written by Amanda Wodzenski, HIKE2 Principal | Guide Digital nomads and freelancers are nothing new. In fact, according to the ADP Research Institute, which analyzed payroll data from more than 18 million workers, remote workers now represent 16% percent of the US economy. But for traditional companies, especially in the ...
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Smooth Salesforce Integrations: How to Get Around Chrome’s Cookie Change

Written by Art Schrage, HIKE2 Consultant There’s been a lot of talk lately about the “Same Site” cookie change in Chrome and other browsers that is slowing down -- and even breaking -- integrations. While these browser manufacturers take positive actions to protect users’ data, the change has caused unintended ...
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