Montana OPD Leverages HIKE2 Advisory and Solutions Services to Modernize, Streamline, and Inspire Confidence in Public Defense Case Management

Automations, validations, and a new suite of tools bring Montana's Office of State Public Defender into 2022 and set the stage for the future.

The Montana Office of the State Public Defender (OPD) is a statewide indigent defense representation agency.They represent from the lowest courts, with citizen judges, all the way up to the Montana Supreme Court. A true state agency, Montana OPD has approximately 300 employees and upwards of 600 external vendors, including contract attorneys, mental health providers, investigators, and expert witnesses. They process about 33,000 to 35,000 new cases in a year, representing between 20,000-25,000 unique clients.

montana state public defender

The Challenge

Integrating multiple databases, platforms, and business processes into one smoothly running, modern, more efficient solution.

The Impact

Increased automations, streamlined data-entry processes, effective data controls, and robust data validation provide OPD and its stakeholders Agency data that can be trusted.

The Outcome

With HIKE2’s Advisory and Solutions Services, the Salesforce platform and AdvoLogix, Montana OPD has a strong, reliable foundation for better budget support and appropriations and prepares them for powerful future technology improvements.

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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