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Build lifelong loyalty with connected customer journeys. Make every customer service interaction shine with CRM-powered portals, secure websites, community-building forums, comprehensive self-serve knowledge bases, integrated apps, and more.

Your Customers' Expectations are Higher Than Ever

COVID-19 has accelerated digitization by 3 to 4 years — and nearly 70% of customers say it's raised their expectations of digital capabilities in companies they buy from.

A static website is no longer enough.

Your customers use an average of nine different channels to browse inventory, compare options, seek advice and information, request service or returns, and make purchases. The customer experience journey spans websites, mobile apps, email, messenger apps, social platforms, video chat, customer portals, phone support, and more.

And customers who aren't happy with your digital ecosystem will quickly abandon you for competitors.

Customers hate having to repeat themselves. That means you need seamless buyer journeys that give a 360-degree view that integrates disconnected systems, data, and content and encourages visitors to take action.

Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences [CX] Every Time

It's time to think differently about your customer experience if: 

  • Your customer service team is inundated by emails, phone calls, in-person visits, website requests, social comments, and app messages.
  • You're constantly researching customer interaction history in different, disconnected channels.
  • Customers are confused when trying to place orders, return or exchange products, request warranty service, or find order and shipping status.
  • Your support staff repeatedly answers the same product or service questions, tying up valuable resources.
  • You lack a true self-service experience with a modern collaboration portal or comprehensive knowledge base.

If you can relate, HIKE2 can help you elevate your customer experience.

Every Industry Benefits from Digital Transformation

No matter what your industry, crafting state-of-the-art customer experiences can help.

Tech Companies

Meet customers where they are. Offer asynchronous self-service so customers can get help when they need it, enabling them to view next steps on orders and support issues.


Create a secure, integrated experience for customers to buy and register products, check order history, request warranty service or returns, find manuals, and get questions answered.

Law Firms

Make all case-related information regularly available to clients with secure logins. Clearly see the next steps in their journey: What are the to-dos? Who needs to be where and when?

Public Sector

Give constituents 24/7 access to services from any device. Better serve them with state-of-the-art technology for online instruction, reference guides, application forms, and more.

Your Customer Experience Difference

When you uplevel your customer experience transformation with HIKE2 and Salesforce, you'll get:

Empowered teams
  • Give your customer service teams a 360-degree view of the client
  • Easily customize and personalize customer journeys for increased satisfaction
  • Eliminate confusing and unmanageable email threads
  • Decrease incoming inquiries and automate time-consuming manual follow-ups
  • Automate task assignments, email alerts, and notifications
Streamlined implementation
  • Achieve your customer experience goals quickly with fast time to market
  • Easy proof of concept and manageable time commitment
  • Prioritize roll outs so they're manageable and make sense
  • Add personalization that doesn't appear automated
  • Readily configure solutions for your organization's exact needs
ROI in weeks, not months or years
  • Improve CSAT scores
  • Deepen customer loyalty
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual processes
  • Boost top-line revenue as well as bottom-line efficiency
  • Maximize your investment with affordable solutions
Improved decision-making
  • Enhance team communication and collaboration
  • Customize and automate reports, dashboards, and workflows using clicks, not code
  • Create a single source of truth for all team members
  • Let users control the views they see with secure customization
  • Multi-channel integration including website, phone, social media, and email
Custom, right-fit solutions
  • Tailor-made customer journeys for all your users
  • Put people first with human-centered design
  • Build the right, most efficient processes for your team
  • Assign and track team members, activities, dates, and status
  • Put people, process, and logic before technology

Still have questions?

What is Customer Experience (CX)?

Customer Experience [CX] is how your business or organization interacts with customers or clients at every stage of their journey — from marketing to sales to service and everywhere in between. It's the total of all interactions your customers or clients have with your brand, including digital and in-person experiences.

If your organization is committed to delivering exceptional customer or client service every time, creating an exceptional customer experience is vital.

Why Salesforce?

With the right Salesforce tools, your organization can create a modern, 360-degree view of your customers — empowering your teams with the insight and information they need to delight customers every time, while maximizing the return on your Salesforce investment.

Why HIKE2?

HIKE2's experts bring decades of business process acumen and experience to help you elevate your partner experience to the next level. Whether you're just getting started with Salesforce or progressing to the next stage, our team takes the time to understand your people as well as your business processes.

We'll connect with you individually to truly understand the best path forward.

Our nimble approach and agile workflow enable our clients to quickly and inexpensively develop go-to-market prototypes of new solutions and capabilities. Thanks to innovative designs, best-in-class Salesforce products, and multiple fast-paced iterations, when you partner with us, you'll bring final solutions to market faster.

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