Create Enduring Partner Experiences with Experience Cloud

Set your partners up for success. Boost your sales and marketing efforts, promote your brand, and inspire loyalty with best-in-class support, 24/7/365.

Unlock Outstanding Partner Experiences with HIKE2 + Salesforce

Service expectations are higher than they've ever been — across the board and in every industry.

It's no longer enough to have an outstanding product or service. Your customer service experience now defines you as a company — and your customers expect their experience to be exceptional.

But much of that experience might be outside your direct control, defined instead by the organizations you partner with, including retailers, logistics providers, or other professional services.

That's why today, more than ever, your organization's success depends on your ability to build, maintain, and grow long-lasting partner and channel relationships.

Are you providing a best-in-class partner experience?

It's time to upgrade your partner experience if: 

  • You don't have a true partner collaboration portal, or the portal that you do have is siloed.
  • Your partner interactions are scattered throughout different channels — conference calls, chats, emails, in-person visits, and complex Excel spreadsheets.
  • Your partners are relying on an outdated website for help and support.

A partner experience portal, built on the Salesforce platform with HIKE2's help, can help your organization embrace best-in-class collaboration.

Create Cohesive Experiences with HIKE2 and Experience Cloud

Power your partnerships with HIKE2's process expertise and state-of-the-art tools.

  • Welcome new partners and set a solid foundation for long and prosperous relationships.
  • Deliver consistent onboarding experiences that align goals and expectations.
  • Clearly agree on targets, increasing your chances of success.
  • Know at a glance who has completed onboarding tasks and who might need a follow-up.
Training and Support
  • Help your partners know your products and services inside and out.
  • Put FAQs, learning and technical resources at their fingertips, whenever they're needed.
  • Centralize product and service education, sales and marketing training, and more.
  • Create a single hub for reseller tools, product updates, knowledge bases, and service requests.
  • Customize dashboards with the exact metrics needed for effective decision-making.
  • Tailor your partners' self-service capability and control over dashboard views.
  • Collect and respond to partner feedback on an ongoing basis.
  • Summarize information in clear and elegant ways, at your users' fingertips.
Sales and Marketing
  • Share branding materials that introduce your organization and your brand.
  • Highlight best practices and success stories to support sales and marketing efforts.
  • Collect, assign, and report status on leads for measurable wins.
  • Eliminate cumbersome, confusing spreadsheets and communication delays.
Partner Management
  • Gain more visibility into how your partners are engaging with you.
  • Create a single source of truth for up-to-date lead status reporting.
  • Make more efficient use of your training, technical, collaboration, and support resources.
  • Integrate siloed systems, tie information together, and summarize it in beautiful ways.

Upgrade Your Partner Experience

No matter your industry, your partner portal is much more than a static website. It's a central hub for communication, interaction, and collaboration.

Tech Companies

Assign leads, register new leads, access marketing materials, complete the latest trainings, find tech specs, ask questions, and facilitate service requests.

Public Sector

Collaborate and coordinate with outside counsel and other experts, maintain constituent case statuses, schedule next steps, and communicate progress to constituents through personalized, automated emails and portal access.

Law Firms

Communicate and coordinate with clients, outside counsel, and other experts via email, SMS, and/or the partner portal, coordinate scheduling, and quickly and easily update and maintain case status.


Find information and support for products, check order status, submit warranty issues and claims, and stay up-to-date with requests thanks to secure portal logins.

Partnering with HIKE2

Discover Our Approach

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HIKE2 knows that every organization is unique. Cookie-cutter solutions don't cut it. We believe the path to success lies in collaboration and synergy.

Using human-centered design, we ask questions and really listen in order to recognize your challenges. Then we co-create a vision for sustainable solutions and optimal experiences.

HIKE2 works with your team to decide:

  • What do your partners need to deliver truly exceptional service?
  • Where do we start?
  • What comes next?
  • How do we measure success?

We don't just build technologies. Instead, we use human-centered design to enable a memorable experience that creates empathy and emotion. When you work with us, we'll:

  • Walk through your partner journey with you and define those moments that matter.
  • Make those moments more special with experiences delivered through Experience Cloud.
  • Confirm the problems we're solving for.
  • Prioritize the activities and project stages that will make the greatest impacts.
  • Make the lift easier for you with a roadmap of best practices and how-to's.
  • Help you execute quickly against a consumable roadmap.
  • And finally, implement the solution for you.
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Our experts can help you design the perfect, right-size partner experience solution to make the most of your investment in the Salesforce platform.

With HIKE2, you can be sure your project will have:

  • Fast time to market
  • Painless proof of concept
  • Staged roll outs, one use case at a time
  • Direct integrations with other departments

Still have questions?

What is Partner Experience (PX)?

Partner Experience [PX] is how your business or organization measures the health and profitability of your partner and reseller relationships. Ensuring your partners have the right onboarding, training, information, and ongoing support is essential to your mutual success. 

If your organization is committed to delivering exceptional customer or client service every time, creating an exceptional partner experience is vital.

Why Salesforce?

Salesforce offers flexible, scalable, right-fit solutions that improve decision-making, communication, collaboration, and service delivery at all levels.

With the right Salesforce tools, your organization can create a modern, interactive partner portal, empowering your teams with the insight and information they need to delight customers every time, while maximizing the return on your Salesforce investment.

Why HIKE2?

HIKE2's experts bring decades of business process acumen and experience to help you elevate your partner experience to the next level. Whether you're just getting started with Salesforce or progressing to the next stage, our team takes the time to understand your people as well as your business processes.

We'll connect with you individually to truly understand the best path forward.

Our nimble approach and agile workflow enable our clients to quickly and inexpensively develop go-to-market prototypes of new solutions and capabilities. Thanks to innovative designs, best-in-class Salesforce products, and multiple fast-paced iterations, when you partner with us, you'll bring final solutions to market faster.

Talk to Our Experts

Contact HIKE2 today to discuss your partner experience project and take the next step in your organization's digital transformation.

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