Fast-Growing AM Law 200 Firm Empowers Marketing with Deep Customer Intelligence

Custom CRM built by HIKE2 on the Salesforce platform fuels cross-selling and engagement tracking.

For a fast-growing Am Law 200 firm, data was proving to be a roadblock. Rather than a CRM, they had a spreadsheet of contacts, and it didn’t provide any information useful for business development. They had a billing system, an email marketing platform, and a customer intelligence tool, but none of these systems talked to each other.

The firm was reacting only to the business their attorneys brought them, without being in a position to advise their attorneys or to help them spot opportunities. The marketing team wanted to be sure they were investing in the right areas and giving their attorneys the tools and training they need to succeed.

It would be extremely beneficial if the firm could build more effective collaboration across practices and offices, but the team was essentially starting from scratch. To achieve this collaboration, they would need to use data on client interests and engagement with the firm’s content to better understand the opportunities to build upon existing relationships. This would allow them to offer additional services that would be impactful to their clients.

The Challenge

Integrating separate billing, email marketing, and customer intelligence systems into one powerful point of truth for marketing, communications, and business development.

The Impact

Greater visibility into existing client relationships and engagement adds tremendous insight and value back to the clients.

The Outcome

The firm is able to identify exciting new opportunities for their attorneys and tie contacts to their source of origin for all marketing activities, setting the stage for tracking revenue generated from events and thought leadership.

Project Goals

The firm wanted a CRM that could be their source of truth for marketing. When an attorney meets someone new, being able to see relationships helps the team know where there might already be connections in place, meaning they don’t have to start from scratch. “We want to make sure we’re capitalizing on our investment in people,” explained the firm’s Manager of Strategic Initiatives. “For me, that means helping attorneys get integrated, helping existing attorneys at the firm understand new areas of expertise, and helping all our attorneys deliver client service at a high level.”

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The Solution

The firm knew that if they combined all their resources, they could fuel their attorneys with the right information.

The new CRM solution was created for 15 users in two groups. The first group handled communications and events. The second group handled business development and included the Manager of Strategic Initiatives, who is also the product owner.

HIKE2 brought deep expertise in integration, change management, knowledge transfer, and training. The only new software was Salesforce.

The result was a new Customer Reference Center, which allows subscribers to 12 different practice groups to select the types of communications they want to receive. Segmenting allows the firm to understand customer intent and interest better, and to route the information to the right attorney to make a new connection. For example, when an existing client engaged with the environmental practice begins digging through labor and employment articles, there may be an opportunity for the firm to provide new value.

Immediate Benefits from a Modern CRM

With the new solution, the firm has valuable information they never had before.

“It’s arming our marketing team,” says the Manager of Strategic Initiatives. “We’ve seen tremendous value added to the conversations that are happening. We’ve been able to identify new opportunities and ultimately, we’ll know that X event generated Y in revenue.”

"We've had other department across our firm express an interest in Salesforce solutions. I think the possibilities with Salesforce and HIKE2 are endless."

Manager of Strategic Initiatives

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