Our Culture

Working at HIKE2

We are a collaborative, diverse, and action-oriented group of consultants who work iteratively to capture client mindsets and solve the most complex business problems.

For our teams, there’s no such thing as “cookie-cutter” advice or solutions.

We thrive in change and love going from blank slate to truly innovative ideas and creative breakthroughs, developing solutions from our deep, cross-discipline expertise shaped by senior advisors and practical experience.

Our core values are:


Hard problems are best solved collaboratively. Transparency, trust and creativity enable our culture of collaboration and way of life.


We accept and embrace ownership of our commitments to the organization, each other, and our clients. As individuals, we own our outcomes and keep our promises. This is essential to achieve our team goals.

People First

Every person and client aspires to a different journey, and we recognize, support, and strive to enable the unique paths of each individual.


We invest in and prioritize innovation. We are passionate and forward-thinking learners. We challenge each other and our clients in a quest to create cutting edge frameworks, solutions, and IP.


We are all guides. We serve as mentors to our clients and our emerging talent.

kelly king copy

Kelly King

"It makes such a difference in the day when you know that you are surrounded by people who care about the work just as much as you do."


Art Schrage

"Everyone here really enjoys what they are doing and are truly interested in helping people solve problems and improve their businesses."

luisa rueda headshot

Luisa Rueda

"It's a privilege to be working with very talented people who care about what they do and always strive to produce the best quality work."

HIKE2 employees

The HIKE2 Team

We are a diverse group of people whose passion is to make a difference at every step of our client’s innovation journey.

Cultural Fit

HIKE2 guides deeply care about their clients, building strong and positive relationships with their partners and fellow guides, and the impact of their work. At HIKE2:

  • We work in teams
  • We are committed to our customer success and each other’s success
  • We set the bar high and challenge one another
  • We are passionate about emerging technologies and love the thrill of venturing to the edge of technology
  • We get out from behind our desks and go to the drawing board
  • We gather information and get to know our clients face to face

If this sounds like you, take a look at the current opportunities to join our team!

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