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Turn a Proof of Concept or first use case into a 
scalable platform

Create an enterprise-grade solution from siloed 
apps and tools

Incorporate organization-wide best practices 
and build Centers of Excellence

At HIKE2, we bring a framework of innovation that allows our clients to prototype, make decisions, and get a quick return on their investment.

Turn Your Salesforce Vision into Reality
No matter where you are in your Salesforce journey, we can help optimize your org to meet your needs. Schedule a Health Check consultation today!

Best-in-Industry Experience with Experience Cloud Portal

“We are ecstatic about the solution. The product was delivered on time and on budget, which is something to be said in a project of this size. Our Aurora portal doesn't look like anyone else's Experience Cloud because it's mostly custom. We're not using any out-of-the-box templates because we really wanted to focus on the user experience. So every piece of it was hand-designed in order to maximize that. It's critically important to us. We are ecstatic about the solution."

Chief Technology Officer, EIG

New Tools & Processes