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At HIKE2 we help Law Firms, Legal Departments and Government Agencies, bring their Innovation Vision to Life by leveraging our Industry experience and Digital expertise.

We sit at the intersection of innovation, operations, and experience to help your firm. Our “teach to fish” approach means that we focus on putting you in the driver’s seat to evolve process improvements, technology capabilities, organizational dynamics, and a differentiated client experience. Learn more about how our innovation programs, legal operation services, and client experience approach can help your firm mitigate risks, improve productivity and profitability.

Innovation Programs

It is critical for firms to continuously evolve their business models, operational models, and client experience. Whether triggered by the global pandemic, changing client expectations, or competitive dynamics, firms have more changes to make than time or resources available.  Making sure that teams are working together in the right things, and at the right time is essential for success. 

Our innovation model ensures that firm engagements are much more than a punch list of to-dos.  We help firms realize results in the most important areas of their business to drive innovation momentum, build innovation muscle memory, create a culture of innovation ingrained in people’s behaviors, and measure innovation results to improve and evolve.

We help firms:

  • Evolve Innovation Program
  • Add Design capabilities 
  • Provide knowledge and experience to accelerate progress

Regardless of where your firm is in its Innovation Journey, we can help evolve its innovation program, adding design capabilities and expertise to accelerate its progress.

The market for legal services is complex, managing offerings across practices and geographies is hard, delivering services to clients and tracking the progress and profitability is critical.  

Legal  operations must be simple, consistent, and data rich.  At HIKE2 we help firms mature operational capabilities in the Matter Management space, and Legal Project Management space to ensure the best outcomes for clients while locking in profitability.  

As a trusted AdvoLogix advisor, leading cloud-based enterprise solution that centralizes matter management, our team brings deep expertise and knowledge on the platform and its ecosystem. From new implementations, to integration of multiple Clouds and third-party systems, data migration and transformation, our team provides firms the confidence to build, maintain and evolve its matter management platform.

Our experience in shared services helps reduce friction between staff and attorney hand-offs, ensuring that your attorneys can focus on what they are passionate about and the core of your firm runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Our Lean Service Delivery streamlines your workflows across technology to improve attorney and staff productivity
  • Our Digital Platform and Organizational Change Management expertise means that your teams will sustain improvement.

Innovating in Legal Tech

The innovation space in legal operations is operating at light speed.  With advancements in business intelligence, information governance, program management and more, it is easy to feel lost and overwhelmed by all of the available options. If you're planning a legal transformation initiative, be sure to review these 5 questions to consider.

Client Experiences

Our empathy-driven approach in Digital Experience and Service Design drives a consistent, personalized, and enjoyable client experience that sustains growth. Using methods born out of Human Centered Design, we help your firm achieve a commercial grade experience for your clients making all end-user touch points personal and delightful. 

Our experience model extends beyond identifying how your firm can better use digital tools to engage clients, and looks at methods to transform internal processes that reduce response times and provide everyone in the firm with a 360° degree view of clients to enable personalized service at every point of the client journey.  

We help your firm think through different services and implement different offering models, improving the ability for your clients to consume those services, driving long-term relationships rather than ‘one-off’ transactions. By truly understanding your client’s journeys, and mapping them to your firm’s capabilities, we’re able to identify and create clear connections between what your clients need and where your firm needs to improve.

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