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Legal Technology Predictions for 2022


Looking back on the past year, the pandemic unexpectedly expedited digital adoption in the legal sector. The entire legal sector (both public and private) has begun looking for technology solutions to meet the standards of the “new normal”. Digital transformations serve as a solution to incorporate technology into legal operations to provide more efficient and effective services.

Our legal thought leader, Molly Henry, outlined five technology predictions for the legal sector in 2022 to illustrate what the industry can expect in the upcoming year.

Legal Leadership Changes  

As more senior partners and legal operations staff retire in 2022, the legal sector can expect leadership changes with the next generation. More of Gen X and Millennials will start to assume strategic leadership positions, which will cause changes relating to culture and technology. The future leaders are likely to be more digitally native, leading to technology advancements and adoptions in the industry to accelerate at a faster rate.

Flexible Work Policies 

As more companies begin to open offices again, we can expect the legal sector to adopt more flexible work policies (e.g., hybrid, remote) this year. Any legal organization that does not adopt these policies can expect to lose current employees (both lawyers and staff) and hurt recruiting efforts. The ‘Great Resignation’ that began last year, which is the economic trend for employees to voluntarily resign from their jobs, will hit those firms hard who do not adapt to the post-pandemic working world.

Platform digital technology that supports flexible work policies 

In unison with flexible work policies, there will be a growing adoption of digital technology. More legal organizations will adopt digital technology platforms that support the “work from anywhere” model. These platforms will also allow for more efficient data management, integration and secure access.

Heavy Investments in Cybersecurity 

With digital technology accelerating, the legal sector will invest heavily in cybersecurity to safeguard client data. A data breach could damage client trust and brand, so legal organizations  will do everything possible to minimize these risks.

Need for digital employee skill sets 

With all of these digital changes, the legal sector will invest in both lawyers and staff to increase their digital skillsets. Both lawyers and staff will need to learn these digital skills to keep up with the pace of change. 

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