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HIKE2’s Exciting Expansion Continues with Beautiful New Denver Office


HIKE2 is pleased to announce their growth is continuing in early 2023, with a new location in a city that’s also seen some impressive recent growth. 

The Pittsburgh-based Salesforce Partner and digital solutions consultancy is expanding to the heart of downtown Denver with a new office space located at 1801 California St., Ste. 2400.

HIKE2 helps clients in both the commercial and public sectors to reach their growth goals with a human-centered design approach, experience-driven implementations, and a collaborative culture.

The consultancy’s recent expansion in the Denver area made now the perfect time — and the 24th floor of the beautiful Industrious Downtown Denver location the perfect space — for team collaboration and client meetings.

HIKE2 Denver office space

Client Advisor Nate Giordano says, “What excites me most about the new office is that it’s such a tangible milestone to account for the amazing growth that we’ve had over the last year — In our client portfolio, in the size of our team, in the trust built with our partners, and in the doors (literally, in this case) that have opened for us in new and incredible ways.”

The new office location will help create a central point for HIKE2’s Colorado and Midwest growth plans. With several team members already living in the area, the consultancy has ambitious goals for their presence in the Colorado and Midwest markets.

Nate continues, “Having a beautiful new space to congregate in and bring clients to makes our growth plans feel so much more real and achievable.”

HIKE2’s new premier workspace, located on the 24th floor of one of the tallest buildings in the city, features stunning mountain views and best-in-class services and amenities including:

  • Fully furnished offices and meeting rooms
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • All-inclusive amenities, and
  • Access to some of Denver’s best dining, shopping, and entertainment.

“We’re thrilled to have such an amazing space to welcome our West Coast clients. It’s the perfect place to meet, brainstorm, and build solutions that help us to surpass our clients’ expectations and deliver exceptional results,” notes Amanda Wodzenski, Principal.

Nicholas Jeans, Salesforce Consultant and Developer adds, “HIKE2 is still young, but we’re planting a stake now. We’re not just an east-coast company. We have a huge amount of potential to grow in cities such as Denver.”

While working from home has its benefits, Nicholas also loves to fight cabin fever and collaborate face-to-face. “I love urban environments. There are so many great experiences to be had here, and I’ve already met so many great people who call this city home. The natural landscapes, including the views of the Rockies, are definitely something to write home about.”

Nate’s favorite parts about living and working in Denver include the local community as well as the balance between enjoying life at work vs. enjoying life outdoors. He explains, “The people here are a big part of what makes the city great, and I’m ecstatic to have the opportunity to live here and become involved in the community, both personally and professionally. The fact that I can enjoy time out of the office in such incredible outdoor locations just makes it that much better!”