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HIKE2 Celebrates Growth, Announces Four New Hires


Consultants are choosing smaller firms over larger ones for better culture, flexibility and growth opportunities 
hike2 new team members 8 26 2020

PITTSBURGH, PA (August 26, 2020) – HIKE2, a Pittsburgh-based Innovation studio focused on driving digital transformation by leveraging emerging technologies and service design, is celebrating growth at a time when many are facing tough business decisions. With a focus in the financial services, manufacturing and technology sectors, HIKE2 helps clients accelerate growth by designing and improving products and services and creating an unrivaled customer experience. All four new hires bring energy, talent and fresh viewpoints to the firm. 

“At HIKE2, we provide our clients with the strongest, most well-rounded team of consultants to help unravel complex problems and implement solutions that enable our clients to keep up with the speed of innovation that is needed in today’s evolving environment,” said HIKE2 Principal, Amanda Wodzenski. “It’s the way we prioritize our people and our team’s interdisciplinary skill sets that sets us apart. Our current round of new hires brings another level of depth and expertise for our clients.”

Adam Ibrahim and Nicholas Jeans bring a depth to HIKE2’s technical teams with a focus on development and integration capabilities. An Nguyen brings graphic design skills to the team and provides design and marketing support to HIKE2 and its clients. Kim Chickini brings her business experience to the team and provides support for the firm and its operations. When joining, entry level hires are immediately assigned to a more seasoned Guide who helps mentor them through their journey at HIKE2. This one-on-one guidance allows them to focus on building consulting skills, technical skills and obtaining valuable certifications. 

“HIKE2 has created a culture that embraces, supports and inspires our guides to develop and achieve; for clients, others and themselves.  It’s a fun, driven, team and client-centered culture that you can only find at a firm that fully lives these ideals throughout all of our interactions. ” Wodzenski added.  

According to new hire, An Nguyen, “At HIKE2 they encourage me to have a voice, and I feel that my contributions are valued. I am not expected to stay in a box and only focus on the task that was assigned to me by upper management. I have the opportunity to be involved in a project from concept to completion.”

HIKE2 brings design expertise, knowledge of emerging technology and data, change leadership and a people-centric point of view to develop more successful products, services, and experiences for our clients. Our cross-functional team approach, diversity of talent, experiences and capabilities enable our clients to think big as they develop new perspectives, rapidly prototype solutions, and achieve meaningful results and progress. Our guides are adventurous, collaborative,  creative, and passionate about the work they do and everyone they work with.