Make Service Your Differentiator with Process Automation

Empower your people to deliver exceptional customer service with best-in-class technology and a human-centered design approach to service process automation.

Exceed Customer Expectations—Every Time.

Across the board and in every industry, service expectations are higher than ever.

It's no longer enough just to have an outstanding product. Your customer service experience defines you as a company — and your customers expect their experience to be exceptional.

It's time to think differently about your service delivery model and ensure that you're delivering best-in-class service in every interaction.

Why Service Process Automation?

Empowered teams
  • Give your teams a 360-degree view of the customer
  • Easily customize customer journeys
  • Eliminate confusing, unmanageable email threads
  • Automate time-consuming, manual follow-ups
Streamlined implementation
  • Achieve your customer service goals quickly
  • Implement easily with manageable time commitment
  • Put people, process, and logic before technology
  • Configure the solution that meets your organization's exact needs
ROI in weeks, not months or years
  • Improve CSAT scores
  • Deepen customer loyalty
  • Boost top line revenue as well as bottom line efficiency
  • Maximize your investment with affordable solutions
Improve decision-making
  • Enhance team communication and collaboration
  • Automate custom reports and dashboards
  • Create a single source of truth for all team members
Custom, right-fit solutions
  • Put people first with human-centered design
  • Build the right, most efficient processes for your team
  • Assign and track team members, activities, dates, and status
HIKE2 employees

HIKE2 helps you create unique, best-in-class customer experiences

HIKE2 knows that every organization is unique. Cookie-cutter solutions don't cut it. We believe the path to success lies in collaboration and synergy.

We can partner with you to create truly differentiated customer experiences by tying together human, digital, and physical interactions.

Human-centered design means we ask questions and really listen in order to recognize our clients' challenges. Then we co-create a vision for sustainable solutions and optimal experiences.

Deliver better CX Through...

Tailor-made customer journeys for all your personas

Personalization that doesn't feel automated

Automated task assignments, email alerts, and notifications

Eliminating time-consuming manual processes

Multi-channel support including website, phone, social media, and email for a 360-degree view of the customer

Customized, automated reports, dashboards, and workflows using clicks, not code

HIKE2 works with your team to decide:

What do our people and teams need in order to deliver truly exceptional service?

Where do we start?

What comes next?

How do we measure success?

Our experts can help you design the perfect, right-size service automation solution to make the most of your investment in the Salesforce platform.

Still have questions?

What is service process automation?

Service process automation solutions help customer service, technical service, operations, and legal teams to take a proactive approach to delivering outstanding customer service in every interaction.

Create personalized messaging that doesn't appear automated for status inquiries, service requests, warranty returns and credits, information and design requests, product and service feedback, costing analyses, matter management, and more.

If your organization is committed to delivering exceptional customer service every time, service process automation can help.

Why Salesforce?

Salesforce offers flexible, scalable, right-fit solutions that improve communication, decision-making, collaboration, and service delivery at all levels.

Your organization can create a modern, 360-degree view of your customers — empowering your teams with the insight and information they need to delight customers every time, while maximizing the return on your Salesforce investment.

Why HIKE2?

HIKE2's experts bring decades of business process acumen and experience to help you elevate your customer service experience to the next level. Whether you're just getting started with Salesforce or progressing to the next stage, our team takes the time to understand your people as well as your business processes.

We'll connect with you individually to truly understand the best path forward.

Our nimble approach and agile workflow enables our clients to quickly and inexpensively develop go-to-market prototypes of new solutions and capabilities. Thanks to innovative designs, best-in-class Salesforce products, and multiple fast-paced iterations, when you partner with us, you'll bring final solutions to market faster.

Talk to Our Experts

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Let's talk about how we can help you implement service process automation. Fill out the form and let us know a good time to talk.

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