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Enable faster data-driven decision-making by connecting and extending your core systems. Drive your data into action to better your business. Learn from your data and find valuable business opportunities at the right time.

Data Journey

Ringlead Services


RingLead’s platform offers solutions to automate data operations and implement robotic process automation to harness the power of data. As a RingLead partner, our experts at HIKE2 assist in implementing the tools and technologies behind their platform to fit the needs of your organization.

RingLead’s end-to-end data operations platform focuses on harnessing the power of data across marketing and sales operations through a wide range of solutions. From detecting and eliminating duplicate data to enriching records with fresh information, the RingLead platform can cleanse, enrich, and transform information into high-quality data. The platform’s tools to build customer segments within your CRM and route leads based on data-driven decisions can transform your organization’s customer lifecycle capabilities. As a leader in intelligent data quality management, RingLead services and our HIKE2 Guides can make quantifiable sales results from data-driven decisions a reality for your organization.


Data Strategy

Implementing data-driven solutions into business operations requires a strategic plan. Knowing how data can accelerate your strategy starts with what you want to achieve, and we will help you on how to get there. To drive sound decisions, our experts help determine your goals and motivations towards a digital transformation, such as how your data informs your progress, and the ways to maximize actionable insight from your data.

A culture of data has a different meaning for every organization. Our team works directly with you to define how data can work best in your organization while helping bridge the gap between business and IT. Your data journey needs a strategy map, and our experts at HIKE2 will guide you through every step along the way.


Data Health Check

Can you contextualize your data? Our data audit and governance assessment helps organizations understand the current quality of data. We create a plan to maximize data integration for the future. With our initial assessment, we identify weaknesses and offer recommendations in areas of improvement. This assessment best aligns Data Hygiene efforts with business operations.

Hike2 automates data governance to accelerate action and prevent slow progression. We deliver our experiences and templates to each client for their unique needs, tailor each asset to their culture, and enable our clients to succeed in their data progression. With a process-focused approach, establishing the proper infrastructure and technology that matures as your organization grows is essential. It establishes long-lasting data and analytics success. Our experts can determine tactical opportunities that maximize data points within your organization, ensure accuracy in data, and ensure forward progression with your processes.

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Data Transformation

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If you’re stuck with data that is unusable or inaccessible, your organization needs data transformation. Our transformation services provide a range of support to help restore your data effectiveness.

Accurate data begins with data validation to ensure your existing data is correct. Data normalization cleanses existing data and organizes your relationship database to mitigate misinformation. Our enrichment support contextualizes and expands upon your existing data to supplement any missing or incomplete data entries.

With the help of our transformation services, your existing data can become reliable and valid - clean and usable: having the ability to drive insights and impact decisions.

Maximizing your data starts with a data ecosystem that is accessible in the right place at the right time. Siloed data that is scattered across your organization prevents the effective use of your data and leads to ill-informed decision-making. Our team will work with you to develop a plan and execute a data integration that unifies your data.

Our experts segment data silos and integrate from various sources to create accessible, unified data in your Salesforce CRM. Creating a holistic view of your data enables a 360-degree view of your information on clients, products, and operations. Data-driven decisions and organizational success start with a full view and understanding of your data.

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Data Visualization

Visual representations bring data to life. It allows your company to tell its story in different ways with multiple metrics. By transforming complex concepts into easily understandable information; Graphs, charts, and maps make it easy to spot trends and outliers that may be hidden within a spreadsheet. This storytelling method of data visualization communicates the compelling insights of relationships between your customers, KPIs, and your growth trajectory.


With our human-centered design approach, our team identifies the consumers of information and produces a framework that shows how and what data will drive action for you. We ensure visualization tools such as dashboards, graphs, and charts are embedded in the ways individuals and organizations operate on a day-to-day basis.

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